What We Believe

When you attend a church, it’s important to know about their spiritual foundation.

When it comes to biblical beliefs, we feel three things should be paramount… know WHAT you believe, WHY you believe it and WHERE to find it. At River of Life, we want you to know What We Believe.  If you stick around long enough, you see why we believe it and where to find it.

We believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible.

We believe in one God eternally existing in three persons: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe all have sinned and come short of the glory of God; that repentance is commanded of God for all and necessary for forgiveness of sins.

We believe in the all-sufficient atonement of God’s only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary and who is very God and very man.

We believe Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day, and personally appeared to His disciples.

We believe in the bodily ascension of Jesus to heaven, his exaltation and personal, literal and bodily coming again the second time for the church.

We believe in the salvation of sinners by grace, through repentance and faith in the perfect and sufficient work of the cross of Calvary, by which we obtain remission of sins.

We believe in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit, as enumerated in I Cor. 12-14, as manifested in the early church.

We believe in justification [to be declared free of the guilt and penalty attached to sin], regeneration [moral revival], and new birth are obtained by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ.

We believe all who repent [feel remorse, contrition, self-reproach] of their sin should be baptized with water through immersion in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe sanctification [to be set apart for God’s use; to be made holy]; after the new birth through faith in the blood of Christ through the Word by the Holy Spirit; that sanctification is a continuing process of growth and maturity.