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Tanika Tompkins

Media Specialist

I never grew up with a concept of who God was suppose to be in my life until I started coming to The River. Sure as a kid I said my prayers every night ‘Our Father…’, but the idea of God being ‘real’ just never became an actual idea for me. One day in one of our youth classes, they asked the question “If Christ came today, would you be invited to go with him?” The concept blew my mind because I had never really thought about it. Since that day I have been discovering life: who I am, my purpose… whatever you’d like to call it.  I felt like for once I had something to look forward to. I can’t begin to explain what this ministry means to me and my family. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of getting the word out about the Kingdom. And I’m grateful I finally found out what knowing God is all about.