Our Team

Marvin A. Jackson

Senior Pastor

As for me, ministry was never really a part of my life plan.  I had planned on getting my M.B.A. and after that pursue a law degree.  And then one day God and I had a head on collision and everything changed.  And now ministry is my life; it’s what I do. Early on during a moment of prayer, I heard God say these words “Practical principles produce praise”. I call it my 4 P’s; it directs my teaching approach and philosophy. When the principles in the Word of God are presented in a practical way, people can put those principles into practice. Once that happens, they’ll begin to see real, relevant change take place in their lives. So for me, it’s all about getting results. It’s when we share the love of a real Christ in a real way that people’s lives are changed. And for me, that’s what makes ministry fun.