Men of Valor and Excellence


Life is choice-driven. We have no choice in being born as males, but we can choose to be a man–particularly a man of valor and excellence. Something wonderful happens when men begin to take on their God-defined roles as leaders in their homes, communities and churches. At the River of Life, I believe life really becomes exciting when every man finds his purpose and steps into that role.

During our monthly MOVE gatherings, you’ll be challenged with life-changing teachings from the word of God that are real, relevant and relational. I’ll give you the tools you need to be successful and victorious in every arena of life. And sometimes we don’t meet at the worship center at all! Sometimes it’s just a matter of hanging out with the guys at the bowling alley or sharing our faith in the prisons and juvenile detention centers. Regardless of whether we’re mentoring young men without fathers, going out for our annual deep sea fishing expedition or putting together our annual Christmas toy drive, you’ll find something that meets your needs at MOVE.

I would love to have you be a part of this exciting and dynamic group of men. And I look forward to meeting  you at our next MOVE gathering, will be every Tuesday from 7-8pm.

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